Valve reconditioning and services

Test, inspection, maintenance and repair of all types of valves

What we do

Services and operational capability

BEWI prides itself on operational excellence, which can be directly attributed to our highly competent and diverse workforce, both on land and at sea. Our operations are supported by teams that include commercial, management, safety and technical professionals.

✔️ Dismantling
✔️ Inspection
✔️ Assembly
✔️ Testing
✔️ Surface treatment

✔️ Commissioning
✔️ Reverse Engineering
✔️ In-Situ test for PSV
✔️ Remote Witness FAT

In Kristiansund, we have a large modernized workshop for valves with high-end equipment.


Omagata 84/122
Bygg 38 (Vestbase)
6517 Kristiansund


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Partners and suppliers

Together with our approved partners and suppliers, we offer a wide range of high complexity solutions to demanding customers. Both for overhauling, complex machining and reverse engineering, in order to enhance the lifespan of equipment.


Fixed price

We are committed to efficient project management, transparency and cost control. This enables us to offer services at a fixed price!

By operating through a fixed price structure, our customers can rely the total overall cost to us. If there are uncertainties discovered throughout any operation, we always update our customers accordingly.

Test unit for safety valves

PSV Valve test

Range: 1/2-12 inch / DN10 – 300 mm.
Gas testing: 0-300 bar / 4,350 psi
Liquid testing: 0-300 bar / 4,350 psi
Seat leakage testing: Full range, acc. 
to API 527
Valves workshop in Kristiansund, Norway

HVC Valve test

Range: 2-24 inch / DN50 600 mm.
Gas testing: 0-7 bar / 100 psi.
Liquid testing: 630 bar / 9 100 psi.

HVC250-test results table


The HVC250 is the complete solution for testing Shut off valves, ON/OFF Valves and Control Valves in both horizontal and vertical position. With less need for test flanges, the HVC250 meet all HSQ requirements and ensure safe overall operations according to common standards. 

👈 Example of time and cost saving using our HVC250 test bench compared to conventional testing

Unique service

Remote witness technology

With the Remote Witness Technology we share live video and real time data from our workshop. This enables immediate feedback and clarifications, giving our customers the benefits from a substantial reduction in travel time and overall cost.

Supported processes

  • Real-time expert assistance
  • Remote third party inspections (FAT. Test Reports++)
  • Customer support

Customer benefits

  • Reduction in overall lead time
  • Less need for third party personell offshore
  • Customer support and overall planning real-time
  • Better control of support when needed
  • Reduction in footprint due to less traveling
  • Real-time training of personnel

Source NOG guideline 143 (119)

Valve training

We have several courses. After completed training, the participant is certified to e.g.:

  • Safely operate the most commonly used valves.
  • Assess whether the valve works as intended.
  • Run function and leakage test.
  • Perform simple repair in the event of a fault.
  • Execute simple field maintenance.
  • Install/dismount valves of pipe systems.

NS EN ISO 9001:2015


NS EN ISO 14001:2015




Our commitment

  • Eliminate HSE incidents across our operations.
  • Prevent pollution.
  • Investigate and prevent recurrence of quality and HSE related non-conformances.
  • Set tough but achievable QHSE objectives, monitor progress and ensure continuous improvement
  • Minimise our impact on the environment.
  • Train and develop all our employees
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable local and international legislation.